Friday, December 15, 2006

Searching... God @Google

What is Searching???
Does search always imply that there is something missing?!
Is there a real end to each Search or its just temporary?
Is Desire and Search related and same?
Can there be a search without the desire?

Atleast in the web world, you will have something in your mind you are looking for and that triggers the search. And with a probability > .4 you end up at to get the answers. But do you ever think how its getting u the answers? or is it just that u assume and believe that it gets u some how?!

You will know what u want, and u will know Google can get u that... and u will just send ur query to Google and wait for the answer... (though < .5 secs cannot be considered as a wait :-)) Most of the people know this pretty well...

But did u ever analysed the thoughts in your mind, your aspirations,... and the role of ur subconscious mind in these cases? Do you know that your subconscious mind is far powerful than Google for your mind's queries?

When, even for a search engine, you never bother about how it does these things... why do u bother about ur own subconsciousmind's processing power? Why dont you just believe in its processing power and send the query thoughts to ur subconsciousmind? You wl definitely get the answers, though it may not be in < .5 seconds in most of the cases :-)

Subconsciousness mind is like Google for your thought queries... like Oracle for your thought SQLs... you should not THINK about how it gets/realizes the answers... it has its own distributed processing power to do it... you just need to BELIEVE it...

Google and Oracle are Gods of their own world... and the theory of God is same everywhere... Remember that Thinking is inversely proportional to Belief :-)


Saturday, December 9, 2006

Life's Lessons @Vardhan's Blog

2. Your absence won't make any difference. Your presence can.
6. Your mind is not a dustbin.
12. Observe your breath.
18. Exercise regularly.
21. Be nice instead of being correct.
22. Dont presume that you will live to see the next sunrise.
25. Take time out to do nothing.
26. Choose your company.
27. I'f there any moment to live , its now.
28. Precausion is better than assumption.
29. Choose love over ego.
31. KISS. ( Keep It Simple & Sweet )
32. Read. Listen. Observe.

Wondering about the missing lessons ?! ... Checkout my friend Vardhan's blog for the rest.

Idea Naren

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wrong Vs Right

Villain never thinks that he is villain. Whether Villain or Hero, both their minds consider themselves as heros only. Every one in this world executes their current action thinking that its a positive one for a positive cause according to their own analysis. Wrong or Right is defined by the perceiver, the world and in most cases a virtual polling of the human minds.

Is killing wrong?
Is helping someone to kill wrong?
Is witnessing a killing wrong?
Is watching a video of a killing wrong?

Should we censor the contents thats uploaded to web?
Is showing a video of people doing bad thing, a bad thing?

Nate Anderston writes a good article related to this in

Here is an excerpt:

In both cases, Google is alleged to bear some responsibility for the material it makes available. The two cases raise an interesting question: do sites like Google Video bear an ethical responsibility to screen content before allowing it to be seen by others? Is the decision to remove offensive or illegal material only after receiving takedown requests a legitimate way to quickly build a library of content, or is it simply a cop-out?

The question is complicated by the fact that showing a video of people doing bad things is not always a bad thing. The Italian clip, for instance, certainly does not represent the sort of behavior that most societies would hope to see displayed toward their most vulnerable members, but airing the clip on Google Video has helped to spark a national debate over the issue of bullying in the schools there. Perhaps Google should be thanked?

Likewise, the nightly news is filled with clips of death, destruction, and famine, yet these can also help to show people the reality of the evils that plague the world. Forcing Google and others to censor violent or otherwise "irresponsible" material puts businesses in an impossible position—should they allow the world to see only clips that show good behaviors? If not, how do they decide which bad behaviors are good for society to witness, and which ones are harmful?

Sometimes people need to be shocked out of complacency or offended by witnessing something despicable; such video clips can be powerful catalysts for social change. Requiring Google to screen content could easily lead to a "lowest-common-denominator" system in which anything edgy, questionable, or disturbing is simply censored, since it's not worth the time and money needed to fight every battle. While this might rid legitimate online video sites in major countries of certain kinds of clips (offshore sites are unlikely to care), it's hardly a great solution to a complicated problem.


Friday, November 24, 2006


I am actually from a different consciousness zone, and trying to setup my base in the net at

Most of the time I speak with my silence... hope you will hear me...