Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan -- Its me, Suryakanthi

Within last 24 hours, I witnessed two extreme creations. And within last 48 hours, one brilliance has saved my soul from escaping this existence of these two extreme dumb creations.

One was the creation of a thinking-less mind...
Other was the creation of a over-thinking mind...

One is called Suryakanthi,
Other, Aayirathil Oruvan...

I am warning you all in advance...
Be careful before attempting to have a glimpse of any of these movies...
You will not get a chance to recover...

Only the brilliance of Akira's HIGH and LOW saved my soul!
Idea Naren!

Friday, January 1, 2010

After the death of 2009...

2009 has to die, for 2010 to be born...

Without death, there is no change...
Without change, there is no existence...
To exist, you need to die...

I exist because of my deaths in all my previous incarnations...
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Divine Bet


" I never bet that I will die one day. Its very insulting to God! "

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Panic Maya


" We are born to die and still we panic. Thats Maya! "

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" A true bachelor is one who is alone and without a loan. All others will anyway be having a partner to die with! "

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" Behind every great challenge, there will be a deadline or death line! "

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Life Race


" Life is a thrilling race between your mind and your-self... till the death line! "

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Deadly Preparation


" Life is a preparation time for death. Preparing to live more is like trying to be a virgin by having sex! "

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" Feel death to feel life! "

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Sudden Death


" Everything we do in life is the preparation for death. Marriage is an exception! "

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Judging God


" God initiates death, but the killer gets the punishment... so, where is judgement?! "

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Living Purpose


" Purpose of our birth lies somewhere beyond death. And to reach that comprehending level, we have a whole lifetime! "

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Migrant Man


" We are all migrants here. Pack your bags before Mr.Death strikes you! "

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Death Illusion


" Death ends your illusion of 'not dead'! "

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Problem Period


" Only some problems can be killed. Others die a natural death! "

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Desire Death


" Only in a healthy mind, desire-death precedes death-desire! "

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Death Decision


" Death is a conscious decision of human self... taken unconsciously by many! "

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Connecting Culprit


" Disease and death are never directly connected. Immortal mind is the connecting culprit! "

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Deathly Destiny


" Your life's journey ends with death and thats enough to teach you how to live! "

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Best time for Marriage


" There is nothing like 'the best time' for marriage and death... you only have a choice to skip the first one! "

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Romeo... The Rogi


" Romeo was a great lover. Sadly he died with acute luvkemia, a love cancer... due to scarcity of spiritual cells in his blood! "

def. rogi: patient;

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