Tuesday, August 23, 2011

G-s and G-Scams!

  • SoniaG gets the largest kickback of 36K crores in 2G scam
  • Chidambaram next in the queue for 'Club Tihar'
  • RahulG failing left and right in his studies was supposed to get 128yrs imprisonment according to US laws

hard truths about our corrupt politicians misusing the nation...

a talk by economist and politician heading Janata Party, Subramanian Swamy who exposed 2G scam by filing-fighting a case in Supreme Court against the politicians in power - hoping that soon Club Tihar will start distributing Pizzas in addition to MasalDosas!

-- SHOULD WATCH (1 hr of information is nothing compared to spending fews junk hours daily infront of our TV)

Ignorant Indian,
Idea Naren!

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